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Nostalgic Fashion We Should Totally Bring Back


Do you have any idea how many cool fashion things have left our lives? I do! Personally, I find most of them pretty damn awesome! Let’s see what I’ve got in my sleeve…


Do you remember when you could wear keds and converse with everything? It was so comfortable! I miss these days and I actually still combine them with my clothes, no matter what.


Dude, these were the best. I barely see people riding them these days, and they were so so fun! They are still a pretty good exercise, rollerblading is a cheap and healthy way to get around. And you can wear pretty much everything with them, unlike when you are riding a bike and the skirt is strictly forbidden.


Overalls can be totally adorable if they are selected correctly. If not, you will end up looking like that cat lady down the street who smells and looks funny.

Dudes with long hair

Let these beautiful locks flow, Jared Leto has shown us that you can look pretty damn good even with your hair a mess. Well, to be honest, everything looks good on a very good looking person like him.

Big Hoop Earrings

Do you remember Destiny’s Child? Well, yeah. Those earring were awesome. Super thin and big enough to jump through, they were sexy for the night and adds flair to any daytime appearance.

Colorful Over sized Watches

All the cool girl had these! They were so fresh and perfect for the upcomming spring and summer. You could combine them with whatever you wish, due to the fact that during this period the coloring combination was a total mess and you could wear everything you fancied!


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