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No-Makeup Makeup Design


Sometimes you look at the pictures of all your favorite celebrities and you wonder how they look so great without makeup. The trick is that they are not without makeup, they are wearing a lot of makeup, but the technique is called no-makeup makeup. It is a craze these days, because it looks both natural and flawless at the same time. Some of you will ask why is it necessary to apply makeup when we want to look like we don’t have one? The point is that we want to look naturally beautiful, which is hard to achieve without makeup if you have dark circles under the eyes or acne leftovers, redness, blackheads, dark lids, pale lips. All these flaws can be covered with a little bit of makeup products, which will hide them without noticing the products themselves.

Take a look at this example of the no-makeup makeup technique:

  • Apply thin layer of coverage on your face. This coverage could be a BB cream or translucent foundation. Find a foundation which will match perfectly to your skin complexion. But you have to stay away from one thing – the powder. It is always noticeable that someone is wearing a powder, that’s why you should skip the powder step if you want to achieve the no-makeup effect. If you are dealing with excess oily skin, you can pat it on kitchen tissue to the oily zone or you can use a foundation with a matte effect.
  • But before the application of the foundation, you have to check out the face for some redness, dark circles and old scars. Hide them with a concealer.
  • Now the eyes. Apply primer and let it absorb for a while. It will hold the shadow.
  • Then apply nude shadow, beige or pale brown for instance. All over the lids.
  • Enhance the crease with a brownish shadow. Blend in nicely.
  • Elongate the top lash line with an eyeliner, but just a little bit and make the line really thin.
  • Nude eye pencil to bottom waterline and finish the look with a thin layer of mascara.
  • Apply pale pink lip balm to the lips and your no-makeup makeup style is all done!

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