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Natural Look For Your Beautiful Eyes


If your eyes can’t handle too much makeup, you have to find the right way to enhance them enough just to make them pop out. Believe me, it is possible to put the focus on your eyes even when the colors are just a few.

But before you start with the makeup application you have to analyze the shape and the size of your eyes:

  • Round eyes allow you to wear eyeliner all over the lash line, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one.
  • Almond eyes. The perfect shape of eyes. All you have to do is to mimic the natural lines of the eyes.
  • Downturned eye. This type of eye needs a lift, which could be achieved  with the eyeliner. Make the cat-eye style with strongly curved flick at the outer corner of the eye.  Also make the top line thicker.
  • Hooded eyes don’t allow much of an eyeshadow application. It’s recommended to use a lot of highlighter. Use white or other bright, shimmery color to highlight the inner corner of the eye. Apply medium color to the hooded lid and then use dark color around the crease to create the round eye illusion. Extend the eyeliner further away with a cat-eye flick.

And after you are all filled with knowledge about the eye types and makeup designs you can try this makeup design, which, in my opinion, is perfect for any type of eyes. Take a look:

Highlight the whole lid, including the brow bone with white matte eyeshadow.

Apply pinkish color to the crease and follow it with brown shadow, which must be applied over the lid too.

Make a smooth brown eyeliner and smudge it with blending brush up and out. Create a V flick at the outer corner of the eye.

Use the same brown color to line the bottom lash line, but only half of it.

Highlight the inner corner of the eye too.

Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

Done! Enjoy the natural and flawless look of your eyes.




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