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Natural Cosmetics: How to Approach Them


Slowly, but steadily people are realizing that the benefits nature can give our organisms are amazing. It is the same when it comes to beauty products: lacking chemicals means there won’t be harm done to your skin while you are trying to make it healthy and beautiful. However, finding and using all natural products might not be such an easy task. Then how to approach the issue? Here are a few tips:


  • If on the packaging it says “Does not contain preservatives”, you should be a little suspicious. It might be using preservatives that are not officially legal or registered in your country. But in the same time we all know that a product with no preservatives would not last long, so it might contain unknow ingredients that may not be safe.
  • When essential oils and natural extracts are used as preservatives, products might have an early date of expiry, which makes them not very practical purchases.
  • Cosmetics, made of all natural oils, may be hard to use: it may be difficult for the skin to absorb it, to leave a greasy shimmer (not a great situation!) or to smell unpleasantly. So sometimes artificially created ingredients, such as silicons, are the reason for the lighter texture which easier to apply.
  • Maybe the best is to start by avoiding parabens which are found in breast cancer.


The conclusion is that we should use products that:

  • are best suited for our own skin: it reacts best to what is best
  • are a combination between natural ingredients and synthetic ones




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