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Nail tutorial – sweet ♥


This nail design is especially for those, who are in love. It is easy to make, but the effect is amazing. You will need base & top coat, dark pink, medium pink and light pink nail polish and some reinforcement stickers.

1. Paint some of your nails in dark pink and some in light pink. Wait for it to dry.

2. Put 2 reinforcement stickers as shown on the picture. You will need to do that twice on each nail, so make sure there is enough space.

3. Paint with the medium pink and make sure it is completely dry, before taking the next step

4. Remove the stickers

5. Apply the reinforcement stickers again (as you did in step 2) and paint with your darkest or lightest pink respectively.

6. When it is completely dry, remove the stickers. Apply a top coat for a perfect finish of this lovely design

nail tut sweet


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