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Nail Trends for Fall 2014


You can notice that there is a little bit if difference between the Fall clothing trends and the manicure trends for 2014. The Leopard pattern will be found often among clothes and accessories, but there will be huge variations of nail styles.

The Fall has come and we will miss the summer, but during the cold month we will save the colorful touches in our manicure styles, which will remind us the warmth of the summer days. The classic red will stay here, but from time to time our nails have to be naked.

Nude. Well-maintained nails always look perfect, no matter what season it is. So if you don’t want to risk it, just make them look healthy and strong. Apply nail-strengthener for perfection. Pick up some transparent or creamy one. Stay with the natural, it’s always the perfect choice.

Dark red. The red is a MUST-HAVE color this season. Especially its dark shades like burgundy, crimson and mahogany. If these colors are too dark for your preferences you can combine them with some nude colors as decorations.

Geometric. Lines, triangles, squares. All these styles are perfect for the season, no matter which way you’ll rotate the shapes. Straight lines are a MUST-DO nail art for the Fall. Have some faith in your imagination and start lining your nails, right now!

Asymmetrical. If you like this style of nail art you are an adventurer, which is not afraid of making some experiments with its look. There are no strict rules about this type. Just make it the way you like it.

Snow-white. You’ll say that the white color is universal, but you should be careful when you are wearing it. If it’s not matching your outfit you will look ridiculous. Sometimes the white nail polish could be too noticeable, because of the clothes or your skin complexion. If you notice this, you can add some colorful details to escape this situation of non-matching details of your whole look.

Plenty of colors. The Fall is not the season of black and dark colors. Neither of the seasons is requiring dark colors. Just switch the shades and tones of the lovely colorful nail polishes and nail arts. Just stay with the pastel shades of the colors, hide the bright ones in your drawer and everything will be perfect.

Metallic gray. The darker shades of gray is perfect for the cold seasons. If you add some glitter you are ready with your party nail art. If you notice the manicures of the models on the runway for the Fall 2014 you will see that the designers are relying on this color for a perfect match to their clothes and accessories.

Golden. The golden color is becoming extremely popular and trendy these days (for the past two years). Obviously the Golden is here to stay and we surely are enjoying it.

Defined nail crescents. There are plenty of ideas for defining your crescents. You can apply some of the other trends in this one nail style. Have fun and keep up with the fashion. It’s what we love!



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