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Nail Tools Guide – Dotting Tools at Home


You`ve probably seen your nail technician using many different tools to draw into your nails and get the desired effect. However, do you know that you can do that at home, using some things, easily found in every home.

Check out this nail tools guide to get some really valuable idea!

1. A simple pin – you can use that for your nails, too.

2.Wooden skewer – suitable not only for barbeque (a toothpick will do as well)

3. Dental pick (I admit I don`t have one at home), but seems useful

4.This is a simple 0,5mm mechanical pencil

5. Another type of mechanical pencil – 0,7mm

6. Ordinary paperclip – actually these are very useful for many other DIY ideas, make sure you have a few packs of them at home (the colorful ones are pretty cute)

7.A pen- an old one preferably

8.Stick a small flat head pin onto a pencil`s eraser. This will make it more comfortable to work with

9. Same as above, but using a round head pin

10. The handle of a teasing comb

Well, these are only 10 suggestions, but we are sure you can come up with hundreds more, so please share the wisdom!



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