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Most Comfortable Fashionable Shoes for Summer 2014


Looking at what designers and brands are offering us, we can conclude that this summer they are letting us breathe and incorporate a little comfort when it comes to our feet. Here are some of the most fashionable options for summer 2014:

  • Flat espadrilles: Imagine you are on a beach bar on an evening when there are not a lot of people around, and you don’t want to be glamorous, just comfortable. Flat espadrilles carry that summer vibe of comfort and calmness and come in so many different colors and prints that it is almost impossible not to find the one to fall in love with!

Collection of comfortable shoes for women on white background



  • Flat Sandals: These shoes remind us of bath slippers a little too much, but are indeed a definition of comfort. Designers are trying to convince us that they are pretty and sexy and, oh well, whoever chooses to wear them, is definitely a brave fashionista!

Peach Colored Wedge Sandals Isolated on White



  • Plimsoles: The option to the more sporty girls are plimsoles. They are easy to put on when in a hurry and a good alternative to the sneakers.


brown sandals

  • Wooden Wedge: Wedges are the alternative for women who still want to add a few inches to their height and not get too comfortable.

White plimsolls

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