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Midnight Goddess!


Midnight Goddess!


Gold and brown are amazing combination colors that can be used in most seasons.

So…. since its winter and these colors are amazing for this season, we decided to find you a look that is not just unique but also sophisticated and can be transformed from day to night in a few easy steps.


Let’s start!


  1. Start by applying brown colored eye liner to the ‘crease’ of your eye lid


  1. Apply brown eye shadow to the ‘crease’ of the eye lid over the eye liner


  1. Add a base coat white eye shadow to cover all of the eye lid


  1. Blend the white base coat with the previously applied brown eye shadow


  1. Apply golden eye shadow over the white base coat


  1. Grab your liquid eye liner and apply to the top of the lid with a ‘cat like flick at the side of the eye’


  1. Apply white eye liner as normal



You’re golden eye shadow make up is ready to go!



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