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Match Your Brows to Your Hair Color


You know how bad it  looks when there are big difference between the color of the hair and the color of the brows.

It really dosen’t look good. So if you want always to look fancy and beautiful don’t do that mistake.

I’ll teach you how to match your hair color with your brows.

If you have black hair  of course it ‘s good idea your brows to be black as well.

If your hair is dark brown you can use mix of grey shade with a brown shade. You can also go darker with a shadow for black brows , if it is ok for you.

Brown or dirty blonde hair. Start with lighter shade all over the brows then draw individual brow strokes in upward motions with brow shade.

Red hair. Match it of you are a natural red head or go darker if you are having a red moment.

Blonde hair . Go darker than your hair but not to much difference.

Just see this tutorial below !



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