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Master The Color Mixing


When it comes to your outfits, color mixing is rather complex and hard to do. The model of your shirt can perfectly match your pants, but there’s something wrong with it, right? I have had moments of standing in front of the mirror for at least an hour, thinking “What’s wrong?”. The colors.

We all know that black and white looks good with everything and they are a compatible match with both each other and all different colors. However, if you do feel like you have a problem when it comes to color mixing, you don’t have to drop your ideas and always wear black, white and gray. Nope, you don’t have to!

All you have to do is to learn the secret behind the color matching.

1st Lesson

The first is the most important one. We all know that there are three groups of colors – pastels, earth tones and jewel tones. It’s pretty easy, never make the mistake to mix them with each other! Pastels go with pastel,  earth with earth and jewel with jewel!

2nd Lesson

Are you familiar with the color wheel? If not, take a look at it below.

Color Wheel Flower

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You can go for a search on the Internet to find more of these wheels, there are different types. What is important to them, however, is the colors which are opposite from each other. Their order is not random. These colors are called complimentary, for example, black and white are complimentary colors and you know they look great together.

That’s exactly what this wheel does – it can help you with your color mixing.

3rd Lesson

The ombre effect is also part of the color mixing. Take a shirt, a skirt and shoes in different shades of the same color. They always look together! If you have a piece of clothing in a more specific and demanding color, you can always search through the internet with the caption “ombre + color of your choice”.

4th Lesson

If you still have trouble, I have another solution. Take a printed scarf, for example, and examine the colors use in it. Break them down and make a different outfit using these colors. Your choice of example can be something you love wearing or from a favorite designer. You can rank the prints from the most to the least used in the pattern and do the same for your outfit as well. The least used can be your accessory colors.

5th Lesson

If nothing comes up in your mind, black and white are always the solution. You will never go wrong with them. In different patterns and styles, these two colors have been and will always be the best match together. You can mix them with jeans, pants, or use a third color of your choice!


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