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Man Habits Which Irritate Women


I am sure you all recognize these habits. It is a true fact that not all men do them, there are exceptions. We all know that  both men and women have irritating habits in the eyes of the opposite sex. The things you will read below are some of the stereotypes regarding a man’s behavior at home.

Watching The Game All The Time

You know, on TV programs such as Eurosport there is a game every day. It is true, if your  man is sport’s fan this is something very interesting and it has become a hobby of his. But I doubt you think that it’s normal to come back home in the evening and sit infront of the TV with a bottle of beer for hours, watching the game. Sure, it can happen a few times a week, but it’s irritating when it happens every single day. Guys, think about your significant other as well. We all start feeling rather disregarded and left out.

Walking Around In Their Underwear

As the male rule states: “If I am at home, I can do whatever I want.” This is not entirely true. Calm down and think a bit about the others living in your home. Again, this is something you can do a few times, but don’t make it a daily routine.

Ogling Other Women

Yeah, sure you cannot close one’s eyes. However, it is very uncomfortable to see your man staring at a different woman in your presence. This is why many women go on a rampage when their significant other ogles another woman – it does not work well on the female’s self-confidence and mood. When something like that happens a man can run away from the situation with a simple mumbling, or, in the worst case – a slap with a heavy purse.

Their Dirty Clothes Are Everywhere

Yeah, like, come on. We are not maids. No need to start throwing your clothes all over our home. You can change your outfit and put the dirty clothes in the basket or washing machine. It will only take about a minute or even less. Do you think that your clothes simply miraculously disappear after you have thrown them in the middle of the hallway on your way to the shower? Yeah. Secret elves appear and quickly scatter them away.

Never Asking For Help

This is something that happens very often. Yeah, right, you are a man, but that does not mean you know everything. Just because they are the man and the head of the family, that does not mean that they are capable of everything. You might not be an electrician. Nor a plulmber. Neither are you a tour guide. Stop thinking about your ego so much and let’s ask for directions from someone who knows the area, because we are currently in the middle of nowhere and I have the feeling that we are not even in our country anymore.

Drinking Olympics

We don’t mind you drinking. Not at all. However, we mind it when you come back home and you can barely stand on four legs. You are a grown up man now, you have responsibilities. Man up and know your limits. I don’t want you to throw up on  the new covers I just bought.

Momma’s Boy

Yeah. Now, this is a specific type and it’s actually very popular. You can see them everywhere. I am not talking about man who love their mothers – that is something completely natural, she is the woman that gave birth to your. Love her, talk to her, take care of her. However, it is more than irritating when she is the only person you talk about. Whatever you do with your life, why should you ask her for permission? You are thirty years old, please. Be independent.



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