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Makeup Tricks for Girls with Glasses


Trick 1: Do not hide your beautiful eyes behind the boring frames. Matching eye shadow with your eye color may be difficult if you do not know what exactly you are looking for. In order to know what shades look best with your eye color, learn the main rule of contrast. Brown eyes usually go with any color of eye shadow and that gives you the advantage to play with your instincts. But if you are a person with blue eyes, you should stay away from blue eye shadow. If you have a mix of confident colors on your hair or frames, keep your eye makeup simple. Choose nude colors such as pink, peach, champagne or beige. To make your eyes stand out, try out some of the neutral and earth tones. If you have green or hazel eyes, pick colors such as brown, red, pink, dark green and grey. If you are looking for a combination, you can mix brown with gold, or grey with green. But remember – the color of your eye shadow should not compete with the color of your glasses!

Trick 2: Although fake eyelashes are a great way to increase the length of your eyelashes, they do not always look good when you are wearing glasses. Instead, highlight your eyes with mascara. Keep your eyelashes perfectly separated and long, avoiding any clumbs. You can even buy colored mascara – blue, white, green, purple, yellow or orange. You will never know which one will give you a totally amazing and natural look!

Trick 3: Do not forget that eyebrows are also part of your makeup! They are so close to your eyes and your glasses and are probably one of the first things that a person will notice in you. Filling your brows and making them look classy and beautiful may seem like a difficult thing to do but it is actually really simple. Grab a soft pencil with the color of your brow and carefully contour the eyebrow arches. Start filling the eyebrow with gentle small brush strokes in the direction of hair growth. Do not forget to blend the line you just created into your skin with a finger to look more natural.

Trick 4: Apply glossy lipstick to add some additional glitter and volume to your lips. Avoid deep colors if your lips are thin since dark colors usually tend to make lips look smaller. As for fuller lips, any type and shade of lipstick will look great on you. You can always experiment with different colors until you find the perfect match.

Trick 5: Apply a liquid foundation and powder to soften your skin and use light rouge to highlight your cheekbones. Remember: never apply a “mask” of foundation. It is not supposed to give you tan! Foundation should create a perfectly smooth skin and slightly hide your small imperfections. Remove any excess foundation to keep your makeup from coming off onto your frames. It will surely look embarrassing!



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