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Makeup Trends For Fall 2014


 One of the biggest makeup trends these days has been the full brows. Thin or re-drawn brows are not fashionable anymore.

Instead, the well-shaped and shadowed full brow is what many people prefer now. It frames your face better and somehow changes your whole appearance, giving you a strong and bold, yet elegant look.

The bold brow evolved from a thin-shaped arch over the decades. Its peak of the brow arch has shifted throughout the years from the middle of the toward the eye’s outer corner.

Previous full brow “users” were Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Tayler. You might have seen her already, but the latest role model is Cara Delevingne, who is a British fashion model. Her dark flat eyebrows stand out next to her dirty blonde hair and are her trade mark now. People today find this look bold and androgynous.

Cara is actually not famous just because of her modeling career – she is also an actress and an artist. She sings and plays the drums and has acted for Grand Theft Auto V, along with her role in “The Face of an Angel”. Her role model is definitely coming to us from all sides!

Do you know what else is trending? Red lips. They are back. And when I say red, I mean red, with all of it shades. I am not talking about bright pink and orange, I am talking about the bold beautiful red – the true color of love. Of course, along with such a lipstick, the ‘natural’ pink lips are also all around us, which has never fallen out of the fashion.

Both the natural pink and the berry color are looking amazing on all skin tones and face shapes, which is great. All you have to be carfeful about is matching your lipstick shade with your eye color. That has always been a factor, because it is important to match your eyes with your lips, or accent on either on them.

So, let’s see a few examples of the said combination? The moment you see these pictures you will understand that it really is all around us, and it has been for quite some time now!

schöne augen einer frau

Close-up view of female wearing red lipstick


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