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Makeup Tips For Great Photos


It’s not easy job to look great on pictures. Some people just can’t look well at all when they meet the camera, but there are some makeup trick which you should know when you are about to take some photos with friends or for your CV. And how about Facebook? There is a huge chance to get tagged in some mutual photos and there is a big chance these photos to be bad and embarrasing. So, take a look at these tricks and apply them next time you know you have a date with the camera:

Use mattes. The sparkle and the shimmer contained in the makeup products are not friends to the camera flash. They will leave oily stains all over your face in the picture. This is maybe the great trick for the picture-friendly makeup.

Apply your makeup in a natural light. The indoor lighting can trick you and make your face inappropriate for the camera. Be sure that the light is strong and natural when you apply your makeup in order to prevent some surprises when you look the pictures of yourself.

The powder. The best powder for perfect pictures is yellow tinted powder. It’s way more better than shimmery or translucent powders, which will give you shine or pale look on the pictures. I’m sure that you don’t want these effects when you are taken a picture of you.

Eyes. Use black liner and black mascara. This is an advice only if you usually use brown liner or pencil. When you know you will be shot, just switch the liner and the mascara with black ones. The darder hue will give you better contrast. And this contrast will define your eyes perfectly.

Blush. The color is important, it’s important to add some blush at your cheekbones, otherwise you face will look pale and washed out, especially under a heavy flash.

Lipstick. I don’t think I even have to remind you about the lipstick, but let me: Without any color, ANY color, your mouth will blend in with the rest of your face. Match the lipstick with the rest of the makeup and everything will be perfect.

Handle the shadows. First of all you should learn how to position your head in order to avoid any shadows, but you can also help it if you not put any dark shadows below your eyes.

Contour and highlight. You know it, right? Te contouring and highlighting technique is perfect for the camera. Highlight the areas where the light will hit the skin – the center of the forehead, the chin, the center of the nose. Brush on the darker color under your chin, along either sides of your nose and the perimeter of the face.

Eye drops. Using them your eyes will whiten and you will remove any red lines. Another trick for enlarging your eyes is to apply some white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. You can also apply white eye pencil at the inner line of your bottom lash line. Try and you will be amazed with the results!



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