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Makeup Tips for Different Lip Shape


No every women have lips like Angelina or Scarlett Johansson  .

Whether your lips are plump, wide or thin you can make them look bigger and fuller. 

There are some tips for any lip shape that you can use.

Once you find out the shape of your lips look at our tutorial and see how to fill in your lips so they could look fuller . 

As you can see if you have thin lower lip the best way to apply lipstick is to outline your lips a little below the lower lip.

Also you can top in with lip gloss to make them appear more plump. 

If you have oval lips outline your upper lip such as the picture below. This way you will make the perfect shape of your lip.

Thin Upper Lip – Use lip liner to create bigger upper lip.

Downturned lips – Use sheer, neutral colors. Start by filling in your lips with neutral lip liner and topping it with a sheer lipstick .

Thin Lips – You can use neutral pinky beige liner or lipstick over the lip . You can apply a cupid’s bow of the upper lip to create more highlight and volume .

Large Full Lips –  If you want to keep this lips soft and not take any attention away from the rest of your face stick with simple lip moisturizer.

Small Lips – Outline them such as shown belo so they will look bigger.

Sharp Lips –  Just a little bit “correction”  with your lip liner and they will look perfect.

Uneven LipsLipliners will be your best friends. You must always line just outside or inside the lips to provide some subtle adjustments . Coupled with a concealer this can be your little secret.




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