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Makeup & Glasses


It is a challenging task to wear makeup when you can’t get rid of your glasses. How to define your eyes when they are partly hidden under the glasses?

In fact, glasses can be a great accessory if you choose the right frames for you. But when it comes to handle with your makeup there are several rules that will help you look great anyway. Take a look:

Dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes the glasses are throwing shadows under your eyes and this is not Ok at all. A good solution for this problem is to use a concealer with orange undertones in order to brighten the area around the eye. The same work will do also highlighter or bright shades at the inner corner of the eye.

Eyelashes. When you wear glasses the lashes are very important for the look. Always curl them when you are about to put on your glasses. This easy trick is creating the illusion of a bigger eye. Apply mascara only on the top lashes.


Eye liner. The same rule – apply only on the upper lash line. You can also try more colorful lines, not only the traditional black one.

Sassy lips. You can match your frame color with your lips, it will look great. You should draw attention to your lips when you wear glasses.


Thick eyebrows. While your glasses are framing your eyes, your eyebrows are framing your glasses. Always keep your brows thick and full of color.


Color of the shades. Don’t use too bright and colorful shades. Bet on the neutral tones. See how it will look on you mate or pearl shade.



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