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Makeup for Your Adorable Freckles


Don’t be ashamed of your freckled face. They are your charm and beauty, learn to love what the mother nature gave you and how to appreciate it. You should show off with your freckles, don’t hide them under the thick layer of the foundation and the powder. So, let’s see which types of makeup flatter the most the sun-kissed ladies. Let’s start with the basic things:

Foundation/powder. You’d better count on the light coverage, like a BB cream or mineral powder. Stay away from heavy, full coverage foundations.

Blush. Peach and coral shades are the perfect shades for you, because they will compliment your freckles in an amazing, good looking way. Try one several shades on your skin and decide which one is the best for you. Try to match it with the color of your freckles.

Highlight. A glowing skin in a combination with freckles will make the nude-skin girls envy you.

Eyes. Sometimes a touch of mascara is what a girl needs. Don’t cover up your face with nothing and apply only mascara. That’s the way to show your freckles and define your eyes. Often the beauty doesn’t need any push to be visible. And often you’ll look perfect just the way you are. But when you are in a mood for adding a little more makeup you definitely should try the Brown smoky eyes. As you noticed the brownish shades are recommended for your freckled skin. This type of makeup can easily go from day to night makeup only with an extra coat of mascara and nice, thick eyeliner. You should try it. How about spicing up a little bit your daily makeup. Just switch your traditional black or brown liner for purple, green or blue one. You’ll see the difference. You can reach a romantic, dreamy look only with a hint of mascara, rosy cheeks and reddish lips. Your freckles will do the rest, leave it to them. And what about the party night? A fancy 60’s cat-eye and soft, nude lips will be the perfect makeup for your night on the town.

Lips. Peach shades, glossy lipsticks, matte, bright colors – these are the things which will compliment the best your freckles.

Now you know which are the best tips for your freckled skin. Try them on and choose the one that suits you the best. Enjoy and have fun, sunny girls!


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