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Makeup Brush Tricks

  1. You need to wash your brushes!

    Even if your makeup brushes are not used on a daily basis, they still collect lots of dust. You need to wash them at least once a week, using a special product, baby shampoo or other DIY recipes. Wash them until water runs clear. That way you will also protect your skin from getting dirty when using them and they will also last longer!

  2. You need to learn to blend!

    The secret behind good makeup is blending. It is used to do smoky eyes and other great eyeshadow makeup ideas. Use small strokes in a circular motion until you obtain the effect you wanted.


  1. You don’t need to own too many brushes

It is better to invest in one brush from each type, but all of them should be good quality. The key brushes to own are foundation, blush/powder, bronzer and eyeshadow.

4. Don’t use brushes only for powdery products!Liquid and cream blushes should also be applied with a blush brush, so that you get a natural look. If you put a small amount of liquid blush on your hand and gather it with a blush brush, blending the product will be a lot easier!

5. Use your foundation brush as a concealer brush!

Just like foundation, concealer also needs to be blended well. Apply it after you have used your face base. Tap the concealer with the brush, so that it blends naturally.



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