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Make-up Tutorial


How about making yourself even more beautiful than you already are. Let’s learn how to apply makeup properly:

You will need a hydrate face cream, primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow base, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara and fake lashes (by choice).
We start off with smearing the cream over our face – the make-up dehydratates the skin a lot. Personally, not only do I use a crème, but I also always use MAC’s Prep and Prime moisture infusion. It does magic to your skin.

Apply the cream and let it absorb nicely to your skin. It will smooth the driest areas of your face and will hide any cuticles. After the cream is nicely absorbed into the skin you should apply the primer. It will prepare the skin for the foundation. If you have some enlarged pores, the primer won’t let the foundation go into them and make them look even larger, like craters.

The primer also keeps the foundation where it should stay. It doesn’t allow it to leak or gather around some wrinkles.
After that you should apply consealer where it’s needed – often these are the places around the eyes, chin, or some acne scars and imperfection. Finish the covering process with powder. After that give your face a fresh, healthy look with blush. Apply the blush with big, fluffy brush right on the cheeckbones.
Next step is defining the eyes. Put on a base, eyeliner or pencil and eyeshadows according to the occasion or your preferences.
Here comes the turn of the mascara. You can put it directly to your lashes or just stick on your fake lashes if you want to have heavy makeup on.
Remember to give some color to your eyebrows, because they surely are faded away after the whole primer-foundation-powder procedure. Shape them with eyebrow pencil and fill in the shape with the same color.
And what about the lips? If you are about to wear dark lipstick you should first contour them with the same color lip pencil, so you’ll be sure that the lipstick is staying where you’ve put it.
Voila! Now your makeup is done!




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