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Make the Scent of Your Perfume Last Longer


You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on famous, long lasting perfume. There are tricks that will make your favorite scent stay longer on your skin.

It’s highly important to know what exactly contains the fragrant liquid. The strength of the scent depends on the ingredients and the ratio between them – the ingredients are water, alcohol and different essential oils. This ratio  determines whether the liquid is perfume or toilet water.

Eau De Parfum have the highest concentration, and the toilet water and cologne – the lowest level of concentration. The perfumers claim that Eau De Parfum can last up to 6 hours, according to the chemical reactions between the body and the product and Eau De Toilette and colognes can last up to three hours.

When you apply your favorite scent you should know where exactly to put it.

Choose warm parts of your body, because a perfume reacts better on the body temperature. These hot areas are the neck, areas where the veins are closest to the skin’s surface – the upper folds of the elbow and so on.

Freshly washed hair will carry a scent for up to a week.

Another great trick is to spray your perfume around the waist in order to spread the scent while you are moving around.

Also put it on the points of the pulse – the inside of the wrists, behind your ears, behind your knees or the neck.

Another trick is to apply the perfume right after a shower, because the alcohol will evaporates better and you’ll notice better the scent of the ingredients of the perfume.

Make your own set of perfumed cosmetic products. The trick is to put on layers of the scent in different forms. How to do that? Buy neutral-smelling shower gel and body lotion and add into them 3-4 drops of your favorite scent. That’s how your layers are supplied.

Spray it at least six inches away from your body. This is the best way to get the scent out of the perfume right onto your skin.

No matter how much you enjoy your perfume be careful not to overdo it. After a while you will get used to the scent and when you spray it you won’t feel it yourself, but don’t increase the dose because it will get overwhelming for other to be near around you.


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