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Lunch For Work


It’s hard to think of what-to-eat-today at work and that’s why we packed for you some lunch ideas which will help you to arrange your lunch box more easily:

  1. Tuna salad with crunchy celery tastes great on top of crackers. It’s served with a salad and for dessert you can have strawberries.



2. Sandwich with black bread or wholegrain one is great for your lunch. You can rely on your imagination when it comes to sandwiches. For desert have some fruits.



3. Peanut butter and banana served in a pita is a nice replacement from the regular sandwich bread. Add some crackers and rolled turkey ham in your lunch box. Don’t forget to add fresh fruits.


4. Baked potatoes. You can improvise a lot. Cut the potato and add in the crevice cheese or ham, some spices. For garnish you can have some fresh vegetables.


5 . Pasta and steamed vegetables – nutritious and delicious.


6. Mini sandwiches with steamed vegetables and crackers.

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