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Low Ponytails – Chic & Comfortable


We often think of the low ponytails as an easier and faster way to make something with the hair while we run out of time in the morning. And often we find them boring. But I think that the girls who think the low ponytails are boring, can’t make a difference between boring and stylish.

In my opinion, you can make any ordinary hairstyle sophisticated and fancy, you just have to know what flatters you the most. So, let’s discuss several styles for your ponytail, try them and decide which one is your favorite.

Evening charm. In the evening you will look absolutely stunning in a sleek, low ponytail. Remember that huge voluminous hairstyles are off the fashion runways the last seasons. The minimalism is here to stay and this style made its point into the world of the hairstyles successfully. So, the sleek ponytail will look great on you if you wear a backless dress. Make the tail neat, smooth and straighten, and let it caress the skin of your back. Tie the hair with silk ribbon. You have two options for the style of your sleek, low ponytail: divide the hair into two sections and tie; or comb it to the back and tie, without leaving a visible path. A flattering finishing touch for that look will be a smoky eye makeup style and bold, bushy eyebrows.

One side, sleek ponytail. This hairstyle will be a better decision for the day.  If you tie it neatly, slung it the side you want and done, your urban, comfortable hairstyle will be your best friend the whole day. If you want glowing and flawless texture of the sleek ponytail, you have to use stylizing, smoothing mousse, it will keep the flying hairs in place and the hair will be shiny. Wear that hairstyle with an elegant jacket or costume. And for the makeup, you should keep the eyes simple and the lips bright and extravagant. Try the burgundy lipstick.

Low ponytail flattered by hair accessory. And more specifically, we are talking here about hair bands – leather, silverish, goldish, glitter, wide, narrow, patterned, one-color, there are so many possibilities. There are a lot of options to upgrade the look of the low ponytails for a party or a simple coffee time with your friends. You should try the no-makeup makeup technique with this hairstyle.

Casual bang with a low ponytail. This is a daily look. You can create it out of the one-side sleek ponytail. Tie the hair to one side and then loosen the bangs area.

Messy ponytail. Just tie it to the back without brushing the hair or adjusting the path, be wild!

Wavy textured low ponytail. Gather those beachy waves into a ponytail while you walk down the beach, holding  your sandals in one hand and a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. Oh, summer, where are you?!

You can see that it’s easy to create an interesting look out of the simple low ponytail. Have fun and come back for more trends and ideas.





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