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Long Lasting Tricks For Manicure


We will try and try over and over again to save our manicure just one more day. And when you search you will find the way. Here we gathered for you some tips and tricks for you to enjoy longer your beautiful nail art:


Shorter nails. If you don’t like short nails this is not an option for you, but anyway it’s not a secret that short nails will save your nail art longer. That’s why because your fingers will take all the damage, not your nail tips.

Use a top coat. It’s the rule of the rules. If there is a layer above your nail polish – this layer will be able to protect it from scratches, hits, bumps and so on.


Use gloves. When you clean or when you are handling with chores always put on some rubber gloves, they will protect your nail just perfectly.

Let the nail polish dry completely. If it’s still wet it is way too easy to ruin it. You can check if the nail polish is completely dry when you gently touch one nail with another and if you feel a little bit of stickiness the nail polish is not dry enough. Wait until the nails can move freely onto each other.

Seal the tips. When you are applying your top coat run with the brush over the tips.


Keep your nails healthy. If they have bumps, cracks or they could easily be broken, your manicure won’t look pretty too. Put on nail strengthener regularly and visit your manicurist once in a while.

Apply the nail polish in thin layers. I know that you want to get full cover from the first layer, but when you put on a thick layer of nail polish the chance of damaging is bigger. So, apply it in thin layers and let every layer to dry completely.

File only in one direction. No matter which one, but when you file your nails do it only in one direction, because the up and down movements can weaken the nails and make them fragile.

Stop sinking your nails into the water. When you do it at home or at the beauty salon you are making a mistake. When your nails are under the water they are absorbing it and that leads to widening. And when you put on the nail polish the nails contract which can ruin the nail polish.



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