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Little white dress for the Christmas party


Christmas office party is coming ! Have you chosen outfit with which to shine ? Little white dress is a great choice to stand out from all colleagues and demonstrate style and class.
Every woman should have in her closet a little black dress. We agree . But I think every woman should have in their outfits and little white cocktail dress . It will not go unnoticed . And you can wear it in a more casual occasions such as birthdays and summer pool parties . See what you need to know about the little white dress and how to combine it .

Little white dress is short cocktail dress in white. Her name is a joke with the world a little black dress , popularized by Coco Chanel. It is suitable for all events. Little white dress lends softness to the overall look. While white is among the classic colors, little ladies focuses on clean look that gives . Therefore, we suggest that you select the little white dress for the Christmas party in the office. Will surely stand out and you’re the star of the party.

For what occasion is suitable to wear a little white dress?

Little white dress is suitable for any occasion. We offer you to select a Christmas party in the office, at home or on New Year’s Eve . Suitable because it is both stylish and sexy.
In the little white dress has some basic rules to follow . Avoid deep necks , especially if the dress is sheer . Strapless models can also look too bare if your colleagues are more conservative . Bet on the little white dress with straps and heart-shaped neckline . The other option is a dress with short or long sleeves and bare back slightly , but not too much. One is to get colleagues envy you for the outfit, otherwise your boss is to draw a wrong assumption about you .

What accessories to wear with the little white dress?

Be bold with accessories for the little white dress. Select shoes in red and a clutch in the same color . If this comes too blatant , try the classic black and white combination . In the event that suit , add short black lace or leather gloves. Use your imagination . The choice of accessories can turn the little white dress on the soft look to the possibility of challenging and different outfit.

The admirers of the little white dress can combine it with silver shoes and bag. To this mix add more clean jewelry. Too many bright accents outfit look kitschy .

The little white dress can be combined with almost everything. So choose bold jewelry if prefer more simple shoes. Diamond jewelry, even imitation zirconium , combine wonderfully with a cleaner models little white dress.

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What makeup suits the little white dress?

Makeup is the final touch to your holiday choice. For a more romantic look, choose shades in light or flesh-colored . Apply a bright lipstick that is attracting attention and contrasts clean toilet. Do not overdo the blush and mascara .


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