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Liquid Foundation: A Great Product to Have


How to Apply it: Apply it with downward strokes, not upward, because otherwise you might make peach fizz more noticeable. Use a brush or a beauty blender for a cleaner and more even application. Distribute it on a few places on your face (cheeks, chin and forehead) and then spread it with fingers or with tools.

Why Is it Great: Liquid foundation can be suitable for all types of skin if you know which product to choose and how to prep your skin before it. There are all kinds of liquid foundation: oil-free, oil-based, 24-hour, with more or less coverage. You can actually control the amount of coverage you want to get by applying more or less of the product. It also can blend very well and you do not need too much product to do the job. Foundation can also be used for multiple purposes:

  • As tinted moisturizer: add equal parts of your favourite moisturizer (it shouldn’t be of too thick consistency) to yur liquid foundation

  • As eye and lip primer: liuid foundation can be used to set a “clean canvas” on your eyelids and lips before you apply other products. However, don’t use too much: just a little is gold!

  • As highlighter: add a little loose mineral eyeshadow in a light hue to your liquid foundation and you have yourself a great highlighter!

Where to Find it: The good news is that almost every high-end and drugstore brand has its own version. There are tube and bottle packages, with or without a pump, so that they are suited to every taste! We advise you to carefully try the shade prior to buying it, so that you don’t end up with an extremely unnatural look!


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