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Light Dessert for Fit Body


It’s not absolutely necessary to forget about the desserts and sweets while you are on a diet or while you are trying to lose weight for the new cocktail dress. There are desserts out there which are light and weight-friendly. The trick is not to overdo eating sweets and I’ll tell you how not to do it, no matter how delicious it is.

The trick is: When you eat something sweet chew every bite really slow. Try to feel the taste of it, to guess the ingredients. That’s how your body will be satisfied with the chocolate, sugar or whatever contains the dessert. You’ll feel great just after the second bite and you’ll see that you won’t need any more of it. But when you eat a dessert fast, there is no time to feel the taste. This is a great way to eat less of the tasty but not so healthy dish.

Here is an idea of light and not-bothering-the-body-weight dessert. You will need:

300 ml yogurt

150 ml milk

3 tablespoons of condensed milk

1 package of of cookies by choice

2 teaspoons of gelatin

50 ml water

3 tablespoons of apricot jam

2 tablespoons of sugar



If you want to reduce the level of calories you can replace the jam with fresh fruits. Here we go:

Mix the yogurt, milk, sugar and jam (or fresh fruits). Read the instructions of the gelatin – How to dissolve it. Let it cool down a little bit and start pouring into the milky mixture. Stir gently.

Pour the cream into bowls, but don’t fill them up. Leave space for the biscuits. Put the cream into the fridge.

Now crush the biscuits and mix them with the condensed milk. Add that to the cream and put the dessert back into the fridge.

You can make some decoration with cocoa, coffee, nuts or cinnamon.

Make these desserts into small glass bowls. That way you’ll enjoy the look of the ingredients and also the small quantity will work better for your fit figure. Enjoy and have a nice day, ladies! See you next time for more sweet temptations.



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