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Less is More? Not in the Necklaces’ Case!


This summer jewelry has definitely gone wild. The more, the merrier, whether it is an arm party, a dozens of rings on your fingers, or multiple necklaces. And gentle pendants put together have a great effect. Layering and mixing necklaces can add a great pop to an otherwise basic outfit composed of denimc cutoffs, white t-shirt and regular flats.

You can mix silver and gold, beads and chains, everything you want according to your taste. Or also you can use some interesting DIY necklace at home from our menu here.  Most of them are easy to make and will not take you time .

Wearing multiple necklaces that work together is not new, but is huge right now. The easier option is a new must-have item on the market: necklaces that contain multiple layers to them, so you do not need to think how to mix and match them. I have plenty of those and the best part is that i can match them with all of my clothes . You will never be wrong choosing multiple necklaces as your accessory . Here we gave you some ideas that you can use for your outfit .

Whatever you decide, remembe: have fun with it, but don’t overdo it since jewelry can be tricky!


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