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Lemons for Perfect Skin


To have a perfect skin you need to pay attention to it and care about it. The skin of the face, particularly, is delicate and fragile. You should be gentle and soft. Sometimes it’s not enough only to apply masks, go to the spa or spending huge amount of money on cosmetic products.

But sometimes it’s not so hard to take care of your skin. All you need is information, information about products, homemade masks and recipes. Such an information you can find down in this article. This is a simple and easy therapy. When life gives you lemons – make a face mask!

Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Potassium and Lutein. What does that mean?

The vitamin C boosts the collagen production, which means that we shouldn’t be worried about the wrinkles any time soon if we get this vitamin regularly. Vitamin C also promotes skin elasticity. You can see that it works really hard for our skin perfection.

Citric Acid. Its job is to be defender against acne and pimples. It shrink and tighten large pores, which is great for the skin smoothness. Many other benefits will make you love lemons – brighten the skin, fading dark spots, acne scars, freckles and even out skin discolorations. Speeds up the cell regeneration. Keep reading, that’s not all.

Potassium. After our pores are clean and tightened, our acne is gone and the skin is brightened, it needs something to hydrate and moisturize it. Here it comes the Potassium. Also, it soothes and heals dry skin. So far the nutrient ingredients of the lemon are doing miracles to the skin.

Lutein. After the skin is healed and recovered, we need something to keep it that way. The Lutien strengthens the skin’s natural antioxidant system. Improves skin hydration and photo-protection. Fights against free radicals which cause premature aging.

After all these benefits of the lemon you’ve read, I’m sure that you’ll try this mask and see if it works for you.

All you need about this therapy is two simple ingredients – lemon and water, but the result is impressive. It’s enough to make this procedure twice a week and you’ll enjoy your smooth and fresh skin without acne, imperfections or stains. It’s recommended to do that therapy before bed time. Here is what to do:

You will need – 1 glass of mineral water, 1 lemon and a cotton ball.

How to prepare it – Squeeze the juice of the lemon, get rid of the seeds and the lemon peel. Fill the glass with mineral water. Use only 3/4 of it. Fill the other 1/4 of the glass with lemon juice. Now take the cotton ball and dunk it into the mixture. With gentle motions start applying the lemon water onto your face skin. Keep doing that until the glass is half empty. After that wait for about 30 minutes and continue with the procedure until you run out of the mixture. That’s it. Don’t rinse your face and don’t apply any kind of cream after the lemon therapy. Remember to do it twice a week and the results will come soon.



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