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Keep summer alive! DIY Shell earrings!


The first part of your project is to go for a nice long walk along the beach (even if it is cold!) and find some shells that look pretty enough and similar enough to make your DIY shell earrings (we like the fact this is free too!)


The best of it is that you can paint the shell any color you like to match your outfit or skin tone; we especially like gold and silver!


For the DIY seashell earrings you are going to need a few little supplies:


  • Seashells – more than 2 for practice (any size, color, shape you like)
  • Small pliers
  • Drill and small drill bit


Here’s how!


  1. Clean your shells in warm soupy water but don’t soak for long or they will become brittle


  1. Get your drill and small drill bit (make sure you use a bit of wood or something underneath you don’t mind to leave a hole in!)


  1. Drill a small hole in the top of the shell (apply gentle pressure and use the drill at a minimum speed). The reason we should have extra shells is in case of breaking some!


  1. Once you have your hole in place, add a jump ring to the shell – you will need your pliers to attach easier


  1. You’re done! Go ahead and the paint the shells to make them more unique!




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