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Kate Middleton Dissed & Demoted By the Queen – Prince William Devastated


Poor Kate! The Queen is furious that the popular Royal newlywed is stealing HER spotlight and she’s out to remind her that she’s not a born Royal – so there! Here’s what she’s done!

Kate Middleton – don’t outshine Queen Elizabeth! 

That’s what Kate is finding out the hard way after her husband Prince William’s grandmother just gave her the Royal equivalent of a smack down!

Just after the Queen’s Royal Jubilee celebrating her 60 years on the throne, Elizabeth II issued an official revision of The Royal Household Order of Precedence and Kate, 30 is now required to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenia. 

And she has to do that whether they’re in public or private, and all because the princesses – infamous for their insane fascinators at the Royal Wedding – were born Royals, while Kate is only a commoner.

Making this even more humiliating – Kate isn’t required to curtsy to Beatrice and Eugenia when she’s with her husband, William. Talk about making Kate feel like an appendage.

The Queen is outraged by Kate’s sometimes expensive wardrobe.

Even though Kate is famous for re-wearing her clothes and wearing $89 and $200 dresses, her occasional pricey splurge has put the Queen’s Royal nose out of joint!

Prince William is apparently freaked out about his grandmother’s new edict and her behavior. The future heir witnessed the “pain and anguish his mom went through,” at the hands of the Queen and he will not stand by and allow Kate to be unhappy.





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