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Jewelry Trends Summer 2014 – Part 2


Continuing the tradition from previous seasons, the massive necklace or choker is still a hot jewelry trend. Whether it’s a massive one-colored chain, multiple pendant necklaces or a chunky colorful necklace, it’s going to be the must-have item for this summer. Again, different materials (plastic, metal, beads, even fabrics) are all acceptable.

necklace 2

necklace necklace 3

Remember how your grandmother used to have a silver/gold ring with a big, big blue/red/even green stone in it? It does not matter if the stone is precious or is plastic, the important thing is to own at least two or three of those, because your fingers should be living under the rule “The more, the merrier” this season. If you are not a big fan of massive rings, you can turn to the other trend and just stack many small and simple rings on each finger, even on both hands.


Photos: Asos, Zara, HM, Forever 21




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