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Jewelry Trends Summer 2014- Part 1


Summer 2014 has arrived with all its beauty and sense of freedom, so it was not unexpected that the bohemian spirit will not only invade our wardrobes, but also our jewelry collections. Jewelry trends have encountered a slight spin from minimalism and turned to a typical for summer hippie colorful wave. However, we can still see some gold or silver rather simplistic items that are absolute must-haves in our summer outfits. Overall, what we will wear on our wrists, fingers, necks or years should be fun, massive and definitely hard to ignore.
We have a few key words: color, bohemian, chains, cuffs, pearls, metal, opulence.

In terms of bracelets, one of the most obvious trends is to stack lots of different by style bracelets, with compulsory neon or sea element. Basically, you need to become a host of the so-called “arm party” : wearing five or even then items on your wrists and even adding a watch in a chaotic manner. You can add wooden bracelets to woven or golden ones and still look fancy. Color-coordinating them would prevent you from looking foolish.
If you are a more elegant type, you can turn to cuffs and simply take the role of a Greek goddess. They can be simple, only silver or gold, or have an added color. Just remember: the wider, the better. Of course, we should think about the way they look on our wrists: not everyone was born to live in Ancient Greece.


braclete 2


Feathers, tassels, coins… every single bohemian detail you can think of is in fashion this season, especially combined with a golden color. Designers are not letting us forget that summer is the time of year when we can be free, casual and spontaneous, so bring on the big, long and colorful earrings. Do not forget to add a pretty maxi dress to the  
formula and you will be ready for a beach party.

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Photos: Asos, Zara, HM, Forever 21








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