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Jazz up your jumper for the holidays!


Jazz up your jumper for the holidays!


No extra cash for new clothes this Christmas?


No problem! We’re here to show you how you can jazz up your jumper with a simple trick!


You’ll need:



Needle and thread (same color as ribbon)



  • Take your jumper and cut a slit along the shoulder area (around 7 inches)


  • Fold over the raw edge and sew in to place (use thread the same color as the ribbon that will be used)


  • Prepare 2 pieces of ribbon (approx. 15 inches long each)


  • Sew one piece of ribbon to one side of the neckline and another ribbon on the opposite side of the neckline


  • Tie the ribbons together and BOOM! You have a new, jazzed up jumper!



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