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Inquisitive Facts About Our Favorite Eyeliner


I think we are all very thankful that the eyeliner has been invented. Something so simple can make such formidable changes to a woman’s face. You will be amazed by the things you don’t know about both the eyeliner and its cousin, the eye pencil. Did you know that….

  1. In Ancient Egypt, where its life has begun, the eyeliner has been originally made from copper ore, antimony and galena.
  2. There has been a belief that the eyeliner has been worn to protect the wearer from the “evil eye” (a symbol of misfortune and injury).
  3. The original purpose of the eyeliner has been to protect the Egyptians from the desert sun and wind thousands of years ago, along with other cosmetics.
  4. The eyeliner storms back in the fashion industry in 1960, used in many revues and photo sessions.
  5. Today, the beautiful acquisition has its place in our purse and we don’t think there’s a chance for the eyeliner to leave the life of the females soon. Did you know that the white eye pencil can remove the traces after a long evening? You just have to apply it on the inside corner of the eyes!
  6. Against the opinion of many women, the eyeliner is not only meant to be put on the movable eyelid. You might not acquire a natural look if you draw on both eyelids, but if you have the occasion and the patience, why not?
  7. Do you remember the children’s books, where you have to connect the dots? Many make-up artists are saying that this is indeed the easiest way to put on your eyeliner. Same goes for the eye pencil.

Is so strange how little we all know about the things, which participate in our daily routine, hm? 




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