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Ingredients to Avoid in your Beauty Products


Going green has become a huge trend. Having a bio-friendly attitude towards your lifestyle is something that should improve your health and appearance. You need to be very careful when choosing and buying products, so look at the list below and then compare it to the ingredient descriptions on packagings. It is vital that you read that since a brand that appears very “bio” might actually be using that only as a marketing strategy, but not really being one. Here is a guide of a few ingredients to avoid when choosing a beauty product:

Sulfates: run away from them especially when choosing a hair shampoo. They are the ingredient that creates more foam. We are psychologically used to the fact that more foam means better effect; however, that turns out not to be true. Sulfates can damage the eyes, irritate the skin and dry out your hair.

Parabens: some parabens you can find in every type of product are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. You can find them in lotions, conditioners, makeup products, creams, etc. It has been discovered that there is a correlation between parabens and the formation of breast cancer tumors, so boycott any product that you find parabens in!

Petrochemicals: these are basically alcohols or terms ending in “anol” (isppropyl alcohol, methanol, butanol, ethanol, etc.) These chemicals can be toxic to the kidney, brain and respiratory system.

BHA and BHT: these ingredients are used as preservatives and can be found in moisturizers and makeup. They can provoke allergic reactions in the skin and BHA is thought to be a possible human carcinogen.

Artificial Fragrances: look for terms like “fragrance” or “parfum” among the ingredients. They can irritate the skin, but also inhaling them might lead to further health issues like damaging the immune and nervous systems.



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