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Inexpensive Vacation Ideas


Are you a traveler by soul? I know I am. I love traveling, it has always been an adventure to do so. However, there are some moments when I can’t get myself to leaving my home town or country, mainly because of my household expenses.

I’ve had a few moments when I have had all my things packed up, along with a plan during the vacation. Do you know what the feeling is when you have done all of this, but in the end you find out that you can’t go for many different reasons? Ending up being stuck at home for the whole summer, because something came up? It’s definitely one of the worst things to happen!

Below, I will share with you some tips for dealing with such situations. Am I the only one who thinks that all of us get so caught up in glamorous destinations far, far away from us, that we don’t really take into consideration locations which are near us and are still a must to see?

Be your own Guide

When relatives and friends from different cities and countries visit your home town, they would usually ask you for a few things they should see in the city. Try recalling which destinations you have told them and simply follow your own instructions! Your home town is bigger than you think, I weekly find new things in my own when I decide to go on an adventure in it!

Garden Party

If you do not have a garden, throw the idea at a friend of yours, who has. There is not a better way to forget a failed vacation rather than having some fun and enjoying yourself in the company of your friend and new people?


When was the last time your whole family gathered in the car with food and drinks and went on a picnic in a park, in the mountains or just out of town? You should totally do it more often, such gatherings are a great way to bond with your whole family, especially your children. Even a better reason for doing that is if you have a dog – take it out on a ‘walk’ in the wild!

Season Pass

A good way to forget the failed vacation is by buying a season pass for all of the museums that are reducing the price for families. Buying a season ticket for an amusement park is also definitely a good way to spend your time!


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