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Hydrating Hand Masks


Hydration is very important not only to your face and body, but your hands, too! Dry hands are one of the biggest problems in winter and many women don’t know how to handle it (sometimes, using hand cream is not enough). That’s why I want to share with you some DIY hydrating hand masks that will prevent dryness and make your hands soft and smooth!

The rye bread mask hydrates the skin on your hands, makes it soft and helps with wrinkles. Pour hot milk over a piece of rye bread, leave it for 5 minutes, filter it, crumple it, add a tea spoon farina, a tea spoon olive oil and one egg yolk.

Mix everything together and lay a think layer on your hands. After that, put on some gloves and soak your hands in a bowl of hot water for 20 minutes. Make this mask 10 times in a row to make your hands perfectly smooth!

The melon mask hydrates and whitens your skin. Mix some melon puree with one tea spoon farina and the juice of half a lemon to make a thick mixture. Put on the mixture on your hands for half an hour, rinse with hot water and apply hand cream.

The linseed oil mask helps a lot with dry skin. You need to mix one tea spoon linseed oil and one tbs honey, the juice of one lemon and one egg yolk. Wash your hands with water from boiled potatoes, add a think layer of the mask, put on some cotton gloves and stay like this for 2 hours. Wash gently with warm water.

Another easy mask is the one with the olive oil. You mix 2 teas spoons olive oil and half an egg yolk. The mixture is applied gently on the hands and after 20 minutes, it’s rinsed with warm water.

Before you go to sleep you can apply whatever oil you want on your hands and sleep with cotton gloves. If your hands are damaged because of chemicals you use daily, make the glycerine and corn meal mask. Mix one tea spoon corn meal with 50 gr glycerine and 40 ml warm water. Apply the mixture on your hands and leave it for 20 minutes. Use mayo on your hands without adding anything else. Apply it on your skin and put on gloves. After half an hour rinse it with water.

Home masks are good for your skin mainly because of their natural ingredients. But if you want perfect result you should change the masks regularly so the skin doesn’t get use to them.


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