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Humans Who Look Like Pets


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Would you, I mean seriously, get yourself a pet that looked like you?

Would you feel super cool walking down the street when your dog has a better hair style than you?!

I mean its taking ‘you look like a dog’ far too far (hehe!)

We take a look at some people who just took it a little far and obviously (on purpose) got themselves pets that look just like them (just for a giggle!!)

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Hair color, facial expression, style! Absolutely everything!

She wanted an exact replica of herself, its clear!

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Dont think its right to get a perm anywhere near your head in the first place at a young age!

And…. even more wrong to have the same one as your dog!!

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Again…. Yet another failed perm! Highlights match too!

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Ok, yeah this one is a little far fetched but I can genuinely see a resemblance! Agree?!

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Hahhhahaahhah! This is just too similar for normality!

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Even Oprah has got in on the act and got herself a look-a-like pup!

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Obviously the dog is trying to copy his ‘cool’ owner!

For the record…. The dog looks better (oopps!!)

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Heheheh cute!

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There are simply no words for this apart from…. OMG!!

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A exact portrait if I must say so!!


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