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How to Wear White Makeup


White makeup? That sounds crazy! Or does it? Actually, there are lots of tricks to wear white makeup and actually pull it off and make your face look a lot better!

  • White Makeup as a Base – if your favourite eyeshadows are not pigmented enough and you don’t want to apply multiple layers of them, use white makeup as a base and the colors will look brighter!

  • White Makeup for Fuller Lips – if you apply a little white lipliner in the middle of your upper and bottom lip and blend the liner in towards your lips, you will get highlighted contours and a visual impression that your lips are a lot fuller!


  • White Makeup for Brighter Eyes – even if you haven’t had enough sleep and your eyes do not look fresh at all, white makeup might help you out! Just apply a thin white line under your eyes and your eyes will seem more awake


  • White Makeup for Sparkle – when doing your makeup for a night out, you should exaggarate a little compared to your daily makeup. Using more shimmery or translucent hues as highlighters, whether it is eyeshadow or powder, but be careful not to use too much and look unnatural!


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