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How to Wear Sparkly Things and Look Perfect


Sequins, bright lights, sparkle, stones… All of these are symbols of luxury, of excitement, of beauty and of style. However, not everyone is capable of pulling off such a look without looking silly. Here are a few tips on how to be sophisticated and stylish and sequined in the same time!

  • When you are wearing a sequined or any other sparkly dress, stick to a high neckline if it is short, so that you still looking classy. Accessories should be in neutral colors or in black, so that you don’t look like a Christmas tree.


  • A glittery metallic jacket can be the perfect outerwear piece for a one-colored dress or jumpsuit and it will add a little glamour to your look without being tacky.


  • Rely on a few sparkly accent details. Whether it is your belt or your neckline, that way you can control where people’s stares will be focused.



  • If you are not a fan of too much sparkle or sequins, then just go back to the ultimate all-black classic and add a sparkly clutch or pair of shoes to meet the glamorous expectations.





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