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How to Wear Colorful Jeans


Colored jeans are a total hit this season and we should check out how to match them with the rest of the outfit. You may think that they are hard to combine with, but after a few experiments you will love them and the way they are defining your style and fashion sense. Take a look at our suggestion and choose your favorite:

Color block combination

The Color block trend is here to stay. It’s really easy – combine one pastel-colored jeans with a pastel-colored top in a different color. Another opportunity is to keep the pastel-colored jeans and to put on the top a bright-colored blouse. If these colors are too much for you just pick up a blouse in a neutral color and you’ll get your plain, classic style. But keep in mind that color-block combination doesn’t allow patterns.

Sporty look

It’s always fashionable to wear sporty clothes. You can match your colored jeans with trendy colored sneakers and casual T-shirt or top and you are ready with your both casual and stunning style.

Add a leather jacket

A leather jacket plus colored jeans is a great way to get the Grunch style without being too dark and bad. Put on high heels and you’ll be the new Rock Babe in town. Red or Bordo jeans will look great combined with leather jacket. Finish this style with huge pieces of jewelry.

With a tunic

You can make a casual, work day style if you cover the top of your colored jeans with a tunic. Put on a long summer tunic in neutral color and choose some appropriate accessories. Make the jeans the accent of your look. The colored jeans will make you look happy and free-minded.


Another great way to wear colored jeans is to put on a patterned top. Be careful with the colors, because the patterns are a little bit heavy and if the top is too colorful you won’t get any compliments about your look. If you are not sure about the patterns of the top you can put on some white, or another neutral colored top and add patterned scarf to the colored-jeans style.

Be elegant

You can look chic and elegant also wearing something colorful. That definitely includes the colored jeans. You can reach that look by combining the jeans with a jacket or blazer. Add to these items also a patent high heeled shoes and your elegant style is ready.


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