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How To Wear Colored Mascara


The summer days and nights are the time when you can experiment with brighter color and try on different makeup.

Why so, you ask? In the summer the brighter colors are always trending. They look fresh and fun, as should all of us be feeling during the hot season. So, there’s something new and fashionable, which has been trending for a while now. The colored mascara.

You have all kinds of colors – blue, green, red, pink, much more colorful than the traditional black one. A few years ago the only other colors, different than the dark one, which were wearable were the dark blue mascara and the white one. Have in mind that white was mostly use for music videos and some photosessions with a cutting edge topic.

The little things really make a big difference. The moment you put on a different colored mascara you will acquire a whole new vision of yourself. It is quite unexplainable, but it is true. However, you ought to be careful when it comes to choosing the right color for you. Black goes well on everything, that is correct. But the other colors are tricky.

Close Up, Woman's Blue Eye

Blue mascara goes well with bright eyes, especially blue. The bright color of the product help the accent on your eyes the most.

Pink mascara looks especially good on brown and green eyes, along with eye colors which are close to grey. When you combine it with matching eye shadows it looks mesmerizing.

Green mascara is made for brown eyes! Not only does it look amazing and eye-catching, but it also shows the brown eye wearer that all eye colors are brilliant. Some people say brown eyes are boring – well, I have brown eyes and I don’t think they are boring at all!

Beauty con trucco verde

Red mascara is amazing for all eye colors. However, you must know that it’s a killer combination with a light hair color, such as blonde.

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