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How to Wear a Blazer This Fall


For me, the blazer is one of the most amazing pieces of clothing a woman could have in her wardrobe! Blazers can be formal, dressy, casual, they come in many different patterns and fabrics and can be paired with absolutely everything! In other words – what’s not to like about a blazer?

Because I love them so much, I want to give you some inspiration how to wear a blazer this fall and hopefully, you will go and buy one the second you read this article. Without further adieu, here’s how to style a blazer!

  50 Shades of Blue

Blue, in all of its shades, is very popular this fall. The best part is that blue can be worn in numerous conbinations for all kinds of occasions. Pair a blue blazer with skinny ripped jeans, black boots and a cool top underneath, or with boyfriend jeans, nude high heels and a shirt and your casual look is done! You can transform the boring office skirt you have by adding a blue fitted blazer and some big bracelets that are very modern right now. Basically, you can do everything with a blue blazer depending on the shade. I recently bought a navy blue blazer which I plan to combine with a sheer white shirt, a pair of light washed jeans and, if the weather is suitable, a pair of white Converse to make the look very laid-back and casual.

Eggplant/Burgundy/Maroon Domination

These 3 colors are the reason I love fall so much! Burgundy is maybe my favorite color and it’s no surprise that I have a blazer in the color (and plan on getting a new one!). These colors are easy to style and go extremely well with black, grey and white. I like to pair mine with grey skinny jeans and a loose top and sometimes add a pair of riding boots to make the look like something the cast of Gossip Girl would wear. If you have black stockings, and a cute denim dress that you want to wear in the fall, try to pair it with a blazer in one of these colors and see how cute and sophisticated your look will become!

Brown Jungle

It’s fall, of course brown blazers will be trendy! I don’t know about your, but I love the black-brown combo and that’s how I wear my brown blazers (because, yes, I’m a blazer-holic!). Pair it with a white shirt and black jeans and boots and, if you are a fan of patterns, add an animal print scarf to tie the whole look together. Another thing you can do is to pair it with a striped shirt – it may sound weird, but the white, black and brown work perfectly! Beige and cream colors are also in style. For a more feminite look add a cream blazer to a white blouse and light jeans combo or make it the accent piece in an all-black outfit.


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