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How To Volume – Smiling and Small Lips 3-in-1 Tricks


Girls like to be different and that`s why make up  is one of their strongest weapons. No one could deny the fact that women’s lips are tempting, luscious and demanding, so it is understandable why many women pay attention to them. This tutorial will show you a few tricks, which will help you take care of them.

How to Make Them Small

Apply foundation on your lips, as shown on the picture, mix it well, don`t use any lip liner and apply lip balm. That`s the small lips effect

Volume Lips

You need to use a different technique, if you want fuller lips. Contour the lips using a foundation a little bit above the lip itself. Then fill in with a lip balm/ gloss or a lipstick. As you can see they do look thicker.

Smiling lips

This trick is very good for girls, whole lip corners usually make them look always sad. This trick will brighten your face, because you will always look smiling.




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