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How to tie a scarf: The Spring Halter Top


Spring is leaping towards us and there is nothing better than a scarf to finish off your ‘ready for the street’ look.

We found this very chic, eye catching idea for spring 2014 and it’s super easy!

Spring 2014 is seeing a contrast of either bright mixed colors or black and white abstract so go choose the perfect scarf or wrap to complement the up and coming trend!

Here’s how: (All you’ll need is a scarf or wrap!)


Step 1:

Grab a scarf or wrap of your choice (make sure it is big enough to cover the body!)

Put the scarf around your neck – at the shoulder blades) with the longest parts of the scarf facing downwards 











Step 2:


Bring up the 2 lengths of the scarf / wrap to your front

Now cross the ends of the scarf / wrap at the chest area














Step 3:

Tighten the crossed area at the chest by twisting tightly the 2 ends together 













Step 4:

Tie the 2 ends of the scarf / wrap together behind the neck

Tie in a bow or as wanted!


You’re ready for spring 2014!



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