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How To Take Care Of Real Leather Shoes


Winter the winter coming we have to take our leather boots and jackets out. But in order to make them last through the whole winter and, hopefully, the next season, we have to take good care of them. Taking care of leather boots is no so easy, but if you do it often enough, can save your shoes and your wallet – it‘s better to have a good pair of shoes several seasons that several cheap ones every year, right?

The first thing is to brush all the dirt of with a brush. You have been all over the place with the boots and, of course, there‘s some dirt on them. Is you regularly clean them the leather won‘t deteriorate and your boots will last longer.

The next thing you have to do to take care of your shoes is to use oil or polish on them – apply them with a cloth and rub gently rub all over the shoes. This will protect your shoes from stains and keep the looking brand new. This is perfect for unfinished leather so, on that note, it would be best if when buying your shoes you ask the shop assistant what you leather is and if they have special care products in the store if you have to buy from somewhere else.

Make a mixture of soap and water and with a cloth clean your shoes to remove any stains (they happen a lot in winter when show on your shoes starts to melt) or even try with baby wipes – the effect is the same. Don‘t be afraid – water will not hurt your shoes, it will only make them cleaner!

If the salt stains are too hard to remove with water – try vinegar and water. Again, mix them and and gently clean with a cloth. Allow them to dry on their own and repeat if needed.

If there are any greasy stains in your shoes, use cornstarch – putt cornstarch on the area, leave it overnight and clean it with soapy water. Cornstarch will remove the grease easily and your shoes will be left as clean as ever!

If there are any scratches, take a q-tip with olive oil and clean the scratch and the area around. Of course, we are talking about small scratches – nothing will help you if you have a whole on your boot!

To finish your boots and make them look as if you just bought them, apply a coat of polish and leave it to soak. Your shoes will end up looking clean, new and shiny and will let other people know that you take care good care of them.



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