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How to style your hair to match the shape of your face


Few are the people who like change and are willing to experiment with their hair. Usually we choose one of the two sides of our forehead to put fringe or to carry the whole hair. You can hardly imagine dividing your hair down the middle or leaving it without volume, if you have not done it. Often that means changing the structure of your face. No need to travel the long road of trial and error to choose the best hairstyle for your oval. There are clear rules for this. That is why, below you should read about the different kind of face shape and find out which one yours matches closest to in order to chose the best way to wear your hair.

Oval face

This is a person whose face shape is long and narrow, which means that you do not want to repay further. You have to concentrate in the side parts, which will create the illusion that your face is wider. According to professionals, this face shape is the most favourable because it fits all styles. The best example of such a person is Sarah Jessica Parker.

Square face

To have such a face shape means you have a wide jaw or expressed angles of the jaw. You have two options for determining the shape of your hair. You can use the center of your face or chin cheeks. A good option is to store your hair back only to the top, which will blur the visually sharp corners and balance your face.

Heart-shaped face

This means that you have full cheeks and broad forehead. The trick in hairstyle for such a person is to reposition the visual centre of the face. Choose a hairstyle that covers your forehead – it will make it look smaller and will focus on the lower part of your face.

Round face

To look nice, this face needs to be made visually longer. You can do this by letting your hair long and put it on both sides of the face, which may cover half your face to take away from your cheeks. Mila Kunis knows exactly how to conceal the broad forms of her round face. Remember to divide your hair into two parts while still wet, to allow it to dry in the right shape. Another important thing to take into consideration is that its division needs to start from the level of the eyebrows.

There is no woman who does not attach particular importance to her hair and how it makes her feel and look. Hair is one beautiful piece of the overall appearance of the woman which captures femininity, charm and sex appeal. And when we talk about hair, it is essential that a well chosen hairstyle is picked so that it matches the form of the face and hides any of its ‘disadvantages’. So, we have presented the most appropriate hairstyles according to the face shape for any woman. Knowing your face shape is the first step to easily change your style!



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