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How to Style a Crop Top


With the 90s trend ruling the fashion world in the past few seasons, one specific item stands out by being one of the most popular ones: the crop top. For some women it might seem incredibly inappropriate and impractical. However, we will show you a few stylish combinations and ideas how to wear it and still not going too far away from your style.

In the Gym: maybe the most basic combination of a crop top. If you want to spice it up, add some neons!

crop top

In the Office: the code word here is “high-waist”. Don’t let any parts of your stomach be on the outside, so that you are not inappropriate at work, but combine the crop top with a pencil skirt or a stylish pair of pants and you are ready to go!

top crop

At Lunch: if comfort is your key word when it comes to fashion, just embrace this monochrome combination with flat shoes and you will feel good in your own skin!

top crop

On a Casual Walk: stick to neutral tones and flowy materials in order to feel the freedom in your clothes.

Maxi skirts and palazzo pants are the perfect choice.


On a Night Out: here is an opportunity to add more jewelry, more sexappeal and be a little bit crazier. A crop top with jeans or a mini skirt is perfect and is a quick way to prepare for clubbing!

out top

On a Date: you can try a more sexy appearance when going on a date. If it is the first one, though, try not to be too revealing and shine with your personality!



On a Special Event: special events are the place where you can be a little more elegant with a tutu skit or a midi-skirt in a retro style. In the wedding season, you don’t need to invest in a new dress every day, so the crop top outfit can be very practical!



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