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How to Stop Shopping so Much


If you are a shopaholic and you lose all budgetary control, this article is right for you! Stop your spending addiction and try to manage the compulsive shopping with these 5 simple tips


Tip 1: Create a shopping list. Many people overspend or buy new things they do not want and never end up using. Review what you already have at home and go shopping only when

you need something.

Tip 2: Always set a budget and stick to it. To minimize impulse buying, stop shopping once you hit the budget limit.

Tip 3: Shop alone. It is true that when you go out with friends, they somehow encourage you to shop and you end up with unnecessary clothes, accessories and products.

Tip 4: Do not shop when you are bored, depressed, hungry or lonely. Instead, you can read an interesting book or surf the internet until you feel better.

Tip 5: Do not buy something just because it is on sale. There will always be sales, outlet stores and two-for-one products. You just have to learn to walk past them and never look back! You can buy items on sale only when they are on your shopping list and are within

your budget.



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